Pink blazer and other obsessions

Have you ever been obsessed with an idea of something or a particular item that you are simply dying to have? You look for it everywhere you go, imagine yourself having it, asking people if they’ve seen it… Yeah, that was me with a pink blazer. But not just pink, hot fuchsia pink! I saw it once on a photo of a celebrity and immediately fell in love. To me, it was a perfect article of clothing that encompassed everything I like about a good wardrobe piece – it was bright and colorful, easy to be dressed up or down, could be worn with jeans or an evening skirt, perfect for layering… the list goes on. And let me tell you, when you really-really want something, you will eventually find it! So when I accidentally came across this Mural Blazer, I bought it without a second thought.

RLO-PinkJacket-2I prefer the look of bright colors mixed with monochrome pieces, hence black and white top and grey heels here. And dark blue jeans – well, that’s a classic neutral piece that goes with absolutely anything!

I’m sure you’ll see more of my hot pink blazer on this blog as it’s bound to make multiple appearances. And for now, I’ll try to brighten up this spring until the nature takes it rightful course and brings in more colors around us.



What I’m wearing: Mural Blazer,  Hudson Skinny jeans, (similar here), J.Crew top (similar here), Schutz Gilberta pumps (similar here), Amrita Singh necklace

2 thoughts on “Pink blazer and other obsessions

  1. Polina, does it run big? I added S to my cart and now think that in a ‘boyfriend’ fit I might need xs. Love it!!! Thanks

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