When Green Looks Good On You

Green. Some think it’s a tricky color. I’m of the opinion that it’s a great color but finding your perfect shade may take some experimenting. It could be relaxing, sometime daring but always fabulous nonetheless!

And who says you can’t mix green with other bright colors? Blue and green is one of my all-time favorites. But here I decided to push the line a little and introduced a complete opposite – red. The key, as with everything in life, is proper balance. Make green your shining star, add small pops of red and voila!  you have an outfit that’s almost conservative in style but super modern and chic  in terms on colors. 

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A Little Denim and a Little Red

I know it’s been a while since we posted, but as you know life happens. We promise to get better starting immediately.

This post is about what I wore for my casual Friday. I work for a big corporation and, unfortunately, can’t wear jeans to work. However, no one said anything about chambray pants….. So here I am in my semi-jeans, t-shirt, and a red jacket.

It sure feels good to bend the rules a bit…….

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Elegant Simplicity And Purple Shoes

At this day and age of fashion, when last century’s style rules and establishments are thrown to the wind, one may wonder when is it appropriate to wear certain wardrobe staples. And are there still any style rules to abide by?

Tuxedo jacket, for one, is something that our parents and many generations before them would’ve never even considered wearing to anything other than a black-tie gathering. It’s also been a predominantly male attribute, slowly creeping its way into female closets in 1900s. And now no one blinks an eye if you, a girl, would wear it in the middle of a day paired with jeans and colorful heels. Some may find this type of style rule-braking discomforting as it goes against all norms and statuses. I, however, love it!

Break a few rules and make some new ones while you are at it this weekend, would you?
Happy Friday everyone 🙂

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Black Dress and Oxfords

Today’s outfit is all around  black sporty dress with drop-waist and leather panel. The dress is very versatille and can be worn over a shirt with oxfords, like in my pictures, or by itself with a great pair of heels. The bag is the only bright element in this black/white concoction :).  Ginham print shirt adds a relaxed vibe to the dress and also one of the trendy patterns for the summer.

Colorful bangage on my knee is not part of the outfit but a result of our waterpark trip the weekend before. I think themed bandages are adorable and this one is from the Peanuts Movie.

Happy Wednesday!

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A Touch Of Red

Has anyone ever considered the fact that a red shoe is really an ultimate accessory? I would argue that despite a common notion of “black” being the go-to color for footwear, red should take its place or, at least, get the winning second.

Black is the easiest color to match – yes; but when it comes to spicing things up and adding interest to an outfit, what can be better than a touch of red on your feet and your lips? And if you are a neutral tones admirer – even better! Add a pop of red to awaken the color palette, and it will elevate the whole outfit from a “nice” to “WOW!”

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Lace Skirt for Work

Lace skirts are certainly making another come-back lately (whether they ever left is another question). They come in all sorts of colors and styles – from flirty see-though full skirts to fully-lined maxi numbers. But my favorite is the ever-stylish pencil skirt. The contrast between classic business lines and the elegance of lace always adds a bit of flirtiness to the put-together look.

The question that I’ve heard multiple times, though, is whether it is actually work-appropriate. So here’s my take on it: see what type of a lace it is. If the fabric is really delicate and intricate, it may be more appropriate for evening functions than an office. Also, check the situation with the lining, a bit of a see-through on the knees may be okay but keep it tasteful, not risqué.  

So the skirt that I found meets all my work requirements – it’s tasteful enough and doesn’t reveal too much skin; the lace is pretty but definitely not the lingerie-type; and the colors are playful but not crazy.  Pair it with a simple chambray shirt for a more casual look or with a white button-down for a sharper style, and you are good to go!

Happy Monday!

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Summer Ellegance

Very light and breathy summer look inspired by pictures of Rose Huntington Whitley at the airport.  White suit, nude top and shoes, and a black purse. So easy to wear around the city or to the office, nothing complex and very minimalistic.

I definitely recommend giving it a try.  What do you think if Polina and I do a few celebrity inspired looks? Let us know!

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Black & White Story of Floral and Lace

Those of you that follow us on Instagram have already been privy to my new B&W beauty called Brahmin Duxbury. It was one of those “I’ve got to have it!” moments when I first saw it in the store. And, really, can you possibly go wrong with a black and white bag? For bright color lovers, like myself, this is a perfect piece to balance off crazy color-mixing. And for those of you that prefer muted or monochrome looks, this handbag is sharp enough to serve as an accent in your outfit.

Ideally, a perfect outfit to showcase the bag would’ve been an all-black look, but since I [almost] never wear black, I had to compromise. And luckily, another one of my great finds from Etsy came in very handy. I’m talking about the crochet black lace necklace that I absolutely adore! It immediately elevates any top, no matter how simple, and adds an elegant touch to the whole look, doesn’t it?  (BTW, the seller has a lot of beautiful pieces that I saved in my favorites.)

To avoid an overload of black & white I’ve added red lipstick (not optional in this case) and army-green skinny pants. Enjoy my not-so-crazy-this-time color mixing 🙂

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Girl in Beige

My ever lasting love of neutrals continues.  I love mixing the same color families of jackets and pants. I find it way more fun than just wearing good classic suit. These cropped trousers might not be the most contoured but the effortless flowing element these add to a more classic blazer is exactly what I wanted. Red bag adds a little pop of color to the overall very neutral outfit.

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On Track With Spring Trends

I think I’ve checked off a few of the spring’s must-haves with this look:
– denim on denim: DONE!
– platform shoes with chunky heels: ABSOLUTELY!
– smart spring layers: YUP!
– cropped trench in oh-so-popular-this-season dusty pink: GOT THAT!

And even though I’m never the first in line for the trendiest pieces, I do occasionally enjoy playing with bits of season’s favorites and try incorporating them into my wardrobe. I much rather prefer to use trends for inspiration, and don’t follow them blindly. After all, even Yves Saint Laurent himself was of the opinion that “fashions fade, style is eternal”. So be smart about it, follow the fashion industry wisely and always stay true to your own style!

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