Black & White Story of Floral and Lace

Those of you that follow us on Instagram have already been privy to my new B&W beauty called Brahmin Duxbury. It was one of those “I’ve got to have it!” moments when I first saw it in the store. And, really, can you possibly go wrong with a black and white bag? For bright color lovers, like myself, this is a perfect piece to balance off crazy color-mixing. And for those of you that prefer muted or monochrome looks, this handbag is sharp enough to serve as an accent in your outfit.

Ideally, a perfect outfit to showcase the bag would’ve been an all-black look, but since I [almost] never wear black, I had to compromise. And luckily, another one of my great finds from Etsy came in very handy. I’m talking about the crochet black lace necklace that I absolutely adore! It immediately elevates any top, no matter how simple, and adds an elegant touch to the whole look, doesn’t it?  (BTW, the seller has a lot of beautiful pieces that I saved in my favorites.)

To avoid an overload of black & white I’ve added red lipstick (not optional in this case) and army-green skinny pants. Enjoy my not-so-crazy-this-time color mixing 🙂

Outfit Details:
||  white split-back poplin shirt  ||  green skinny pants  ||  colorblock pumps – similar here and here  ||  B&W Brahmin satchel  ||  black lace necklace  ||
||  Oliver Peoples sunglasses  ||

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