Elegant Simplicity And Purple Shoes

At this day and age of fashion, when last century’s style rules and establishments are thrown to the wind, one may wonder when is it appropriate to wear certain wardrobe staples. And are there still any style rules to abide by?

Tuxedo jacket, for one, is something that our parents and many generations before them would’ve never even considered wearing to anything other than a black-tie gathering. It’s also been a predominantly male attribute, slowly creeping its way into female closets in 1900s. And now no one blinks an eye if you, a girl, would wear it in the middle of a day paired with jeans and colorful heels. Some may find this type of style rule-braking discomforting as it goes against all norms and statuses. I, however, love it!

Break a few rules and make some new ones while you are at it this weekend, would you?
Happy Friday everyone 🙂

Outfit Details:
||  tuxedo jacket: Nordstrom Rack find – similar  ||  jeans  ||  heeled booties by Jerome C. Rousseau – similar ||  wrap leather belt: Mango  ||  crossbody: French Connection – love this one  ||  necklace: a simple ribbon cut lengthwise

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