Navy With a Touch of Marsala

New trends are quite funny. They are not really new because, let’s admit it, it’s hard to invent something truly unprecedented. For the most part, it’s a repeat of the same color or style with slight modifications. For example, “marsala” has been the proclaimed color of the season this year. The fact that we’ve worn burgundy, maroon or some other shade of dark red every fall is pretty negligible. The fashion industry announced “marsala” to be the new maroon so let’s just pretend to go with that.

So, what do you wear it with? One of my favorite color combinations this fall has been grey, navy and burgundy. I’ve already worn it a lot and plan on continuing with my navy/marsala outfits, which you’ll see plenty of pretty soon.

And before you start wondering whether the 80s are back – no, they are not, but color tights are! In all honesty, I’m a huge fan because it gives me another accessory to play with in a colder weather without having to invest into more expensive pieces. And you can still make it look professional 😉

Outfit details:
Pullover from Anthropologie (awesome piece, highly recommend!);
Skirt from H&M – similar;
Tights from Joe Fresh;
Shoes from Aldo (last year’s collection)  – similar, also like this color and style;
Handbag YSL Muse (old collection) – similar (30% off with code BOOTSBAGS until 11/09)

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