Subtle accents

We’ve been having an awesome fall this year with weather to rival some of the summer days. Hence, the light outfit and sandals in the middle of November. Though, seeing the downpour outside as I’m writing this, I doubt I will get another chance to flaunt these shoes for another five or six months.

But back to the topic at hand… as much as I enjoy bright colors and crazy combinations, experimenting with subtle pieces could be just as fun sometimes. This dark navy poplin top has been one of my favorites lately. It feels like a classy structured shirt but the poplin style with lower back adds an unexpected touch and breaks up the ordinary silhouette.

Finding accessories to go with a navy top is a breeze since it is such an accepting shade! Personally, I would pick navy over black any day because it has a lot more depth as far as dark neutrals go in my opinion. I’ve worn this top with an array of colors in the past but I thought that pairing it with polished black accent pieces would add elegance and sophistication to the look. And my new furry pom pom is simply oodles of fun to play with – tons of colors to pick from, too!

Outfit details:
Pleated Poplin Top from Anthropologie;
Columnist Pants from Express;
Brian Atwood Shoes – similar here and here (love the lacy details!);
Amrita Singh Necklace;
New York & Co. Belt (old) – similar here and here;
Chloe Sunglasses – similar model and cheaper option;
Francesco Biasia Handbag (old collection) – similar;
Fur Pom Pom Keychain

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