Oldie But Goodie And Perfect For Spring

I’ve got to say that I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to link to the items in this outfit until I started writing the post. The explanation is simple – all of these pieces are the trusted favorites that have been in my wardrobe for a season or two.  None of it is designer wear, and most items have been purchased either on sale or at a low price to begin with. But I’m a stronger believer that it’s not the price tag that makes the outfit. Sometimes it’s a combination of unexpected or, simply, interesting pieces that create a cool style. Just remember to go for something that can “elevate” the look rather than match the rest of your clothes and it will pay you back over many seasons of use.

Outfit Details:
||  H&M bomber jacket: similar ||  Forever 21 grey dress ||  IIIBeCa blue satchel: similar here and here ||  Andrew Stevens boots: similar here and here ||  Forever 21 blue scarf || Burberry sunglasses ||

6 thoughts on “Oldie But Goodie And Perfect For Spring

    • Thanks Filipa! I agree! The olive green suede is certainly unique enough without being too bold or overpowering. It was a lucky find at NM Last Call 😉

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