Sea Life in the City

I promise you, I am not into mermaids or other mythical and living sea creatures. Although, I did dress as Ursula the Sea Witch last Halloween, but that’s not the point… The point is that I wasn’t intentionally pulling a “sea” outfit together, it just happened. Maybe it was my inner sea creature calling out or maybe I just need a vacation by the ocean shore – I do like the latter idea much better! In any case, it is hard to deny that these clothes put together make me think of a massive body of water and seaweed floating in the current with scarce sun rays fighting their way through the blue depths…

Thanks to Yuliya Ryvkina Photography for catching and releasing the light.

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A Bit of New York…

Few weeks ago I went to New York city. The city has so much energy and it really never sleeps. I don’t think I would want to live here but it’s an awesome city to visit with endless things to do. Art galleries, shopping, busy streets, people watching, great food-it really has it all.

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