My Spring Beauty Buys

I’m a sucker for all things beauty. I follow beauty blogs, watch makeup artists in action videos, I’m friends with Nordstrom’s, Macys’, and Neiman’s makeup counters sales people that call me immediately as the new seasonal collection makes it though the door. I never just buy a product, I look at hundreds of  swatches online, then test it myself, and only then, if I love it, I get the product. I’m not going to mention how many blushes, bronzers, highlighters, and lipsticks I have in my stash, but I love the variety and deciding which product to wear in the morning. And most of all I love how makeup makes me feel and look.  This spring there were quite a few products I loved and I’m happy to share these with you.

Guerlain is one of my favorite makeup brands. This spring they came out with a new product Meteorites Baby Glow. The product is the lightest, sheerest foundation you can only imagine. It’s your skin but better foundation that doesn’t crease, absolutely undetectable, makes you looks fresh, and plumps your skin. It has a very delicate violet fragrance, same one as Guerlain famous Meteorites products. I love wearing this product for a very natural look or over the weekend when I want to have that “I woke up like that” look.

Guerlain baby glow
Terracotta Joli Teint Powder Duo is another Guerlain product I added to my beauty stash this spring. It’s the lightest complexion enhancing bronzing powder that makes skin glow. It’s not orange or dark at all. The consistency is very satiny and finish is just seamless. I have 02 – Natural Blondes shade. Guerlain always has both blondes and brunettes powder bronzers and the difference is undertone. Blonde ones have pinkish base and brunettes peachy base.

Guerlain Terracota Joli Teint

Another product worth mentioning is Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Mood Veil.  It’s blush/highlighter duo in pink and peach shades. It’s very pretty and sheer and looks amazing over a bronzer on the apples of the cheeks. This product was mentioned in one of the latest Lisa Eldridge videos (huge fan of hers by the way) and I really trust her product reviews. It’s not available in US, I believe this product was only released for Asia, but I was able to buy it online. It also comes with the great quality duel end brush and sponge, perfect for blending the product for a natural finish. It’s really worth investing into as it gives immediate brightening effect and looks very youthful.

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil is another great pick. If you had to buy one product for your eyebrows that would be it. It’s angled and combines pencil and wax together. It’s great for making eyebrows look more dense and modern.

Another makeup brand I love is Chanel. This spring they released a reformulated Rouge Coco formula and it’s just divine. It’s ultra hydrating and has good staying power. I got two shades, Mademoiselle #434 (English rose color), and Adrienne #402 (perfect nude color). I’m trying to talk myself out of getting more shades but these are just too good.  Chanel also released my favorite mascara Le Volume de Chanel in waterproof formula and I couldn’t be happier.

Chanel rouge coco hourglass

These are my spring makeup picks. I have a feeling that I forgot something so quite possible I’ll be writing another post quite soon with more of my favorites. Happy shopping!

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