Double Vision in Green

An idea of writing a double-look post featuring the same article of clothing worn two ways came about approximately the same time we decided to start this blog. But it never quite materialized into anything until Elena and I went shopping and saw green skirt at H&M that both of us fell in love with. The vibrancy of the color and a fun playful style seemed like a winning combination neither one of us could resist.

A friend that likes same things you do but has a different style is a rare and lucky find! Every time we discuss ideas, creative concepts or even clothing, I am amazed at how our visions differ while being similar just enough to keep another one engaged and interested. It’s never boring and always fascinating to see another one’s perspective; it feels like endless collaboration that keeps both of us creatively sharp and open-minded.

So back to the green wonder of a skirt… Elena chose a trendy feminine hipster look by pairing the skirt with a sequin grey t-shirt with a bit of a rocker flare and grey converse sneakers. And I went with my favorite bright colors and patterned jacket for a more girly look. Both turned out great, don’t you think? 🙂

On Polina: H&M skirt (here),  H&M jacket (here), pink top (here), orange clutch (similar here), necklace (here), Alexander McQueen heels (similar here)

On Elena: H&M skirt (here),  H&M top (here),  converse (here), clutch (here), DW watch (here), Ray Bans (here)



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