The Minimalist

I am a big fan of a simple look that consists of basic but exceptional quality pieces. There is something very sophisticated and elegant in the combinations of navy and cream, black and white, dark grey and light grey. The look of a white t-shirt and black blazer, trouser suit and silky ivory top, high waist black skirt and cream blouse are the combinations that work year after year and never get old.

Minimalism means simplicity, the essential, no unnecessary elements style.  It doesn’t mean to take all the interesting pieces away until the only pieces left are the plainness pieces in neutral colors; it means communication with as few pieces as possible.

Minimalism in the wardrobe helps to create that perfect canvas, the foundation for all the other pieces, bright elements, and interesting accessories.

These are my most important minimalism elements:

  • Quality (a garment that is well made, with the great fit and fabric that will lasts over the years)
  • Neutral colors (black, of course, but also grey, navy, beige, cream, and white)
  • Key pieces and basics


 Minimalism basics

Basics Accessories

Minimalism Accessories



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