Winter Elegance

This post is a few weeks overdue but I couldn’t skip it because I liked the dress so much! So here it goes…

Recently we have been  invited to attend a winter wedding in Michigan. Yes, Michigan in January is all you can imagine it to be and then some… The venue was breathtaking and absolutely perfect for the theme. Castle Farms proved to be quite a surprise inside and out.

As the wedding date approached, I found myself faced with an eternal female dilemma of what to wear. I wanted to pick something elegant and classy, as well as suitable for the season, which is neither short nor revealing in my book. I looked in a few stores but nothing “winked” it me. So when I accidentally stumbled upon this Beulah dress on one of the flash sale sites, I immediately knew I had to try it on! Full disclosure: I never heard of this brand before but, apparently, Kate Middleton has been spotted wearing their clothes on occasion. And finding a picture of Olivia Palermo wearing a similar illusion dress to a Valentino event certainly didn’t hurt, either 😉

Illusion dresses is an understated recent trend. It means exactly what it says – it creates an illusion of something that it’s not. In this case, it may look like a maxi dress, which it sort of is, but the see-through layer reveals a much shorter skirt underneath while keeping it tasteful and sophisticated.

Generally, you wouldn’t see me in a lot of black. And I especially try to avoid wearing black to formal events because I consider it somewhat of a cliche. But from time to time black is not just black, but a color of the ultimate elegance and luxury, a color to which even I succumb on occasion…

Outfit Details:
Dress: Beulah (similar; and more illusion dresses here and here)
Shoes: M.Gemi Cammeo in Fawn (color sold out)
Clutch: a fur wonder from Pour la Victoire  (similar here and here)
Earrings: Atelier Mon Pavé
Lipstick: YSL Rouge Pur Couture in #13 Le Orange

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