The Puffiest Jacket

February temperatures are not an easy thing for anyone to handle. This time of the year a down puffy jacket becomes a must-have. It’s hard to find the one that combines functionality and style as most of these jackets are pretty shapeless and boring. The easiest way to spice it up a bit is to go with anything but black.

The one I’m wearing is navy blue but there are lots of great options in the stores right now – grey, olive, blue, burgundy, and, of course, light colors like white and beige. Another thing I would recommend looking for when choosing your jacket is quilted silhouette and a belt. It will add some shape even to the puffiest jacket and voila – perfect hourglass body! And of course when getting ready to go outside in the cold, don’t forget a blanket scarf, hat, and gloves. Your choice of accessories is truly limitless. Stay warm!

What I’m wearing: jacket Burberry,  but similar here and here; Zara Scarf here and here, Ray Bans (here); 3.1 Philip Lim (here) or a cheaper very cute version here; Donald Pliner boots (here); hat (similar here and here)

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