Summer With A Layer Of Fall

The summer is almost over and my mind has completely switched into a fall mode. I love everything about fall – the colors, the freshness of the air with a slight chill, layered outfits, the boots… (can’t wait!!!)  But the weather, luckily for most,  isn’t agreeing with my mind set yet. We’ve been getting quite a heat streak lately so I am forced to remain in  my summer clothes. But I decided to raise it up a notch on the complexity scale and added a trench coat – a sleeveless one for now.

Enjoy the warm weather and I’ll be patiently waiting for my scarves and boots to make it down from the top shelf of the closet…

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Casual mustard with some mint

This is probably one of the most casual looks I’ve posted so far, but don’t judge it too quickly. The color combination is something I’ve been meaning to play with for a while. A mustard color top combined with rich brown leather brings in just a touch of fall to the outfit while crisp mint adds summer freshness. All in all, it’s a great transitional palette if you are not quite  ready for the change of the season.

Enjoy the rest of your summer while it lasts!

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On The Steps Of The Museum

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have some nice relaxing plans for the weekend no matter where you are.

And talking about relaxing plans, I got to spend a very nice day in the city with my family earlier this week. The weather was great, and the sun accompanied by a breeze from the lake made it pure perfection.

Since I knew we’d be walking a lot, I opted for a comfort of the slip-on sneakers and distressed jeans. My favorite military vest provided a much needed layer on a breezy day without keeping me too warm.  With all of the pieces being pretty basic on their own, a combination of textures and patterns is what really brings the outfit together. Try taking one of the components out of the equation and it’s no longer the same look – and that’s what I consider a successful well-balanced outfit!

Stay stylish and comfortable this weekend!

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When Wearing Blue, Go Electric!

I strongly believe that in order for bright colors to look good, you’ve got to leave all reservations at the door and not be afraid of REALLY bringing it on. Bright colors are my addiction – once I start mixing them, it’s almost impossible to stop. One bright hue is no longer enough. You think of what other shades it could benefit from, be paired with, and how to make the look daring enough without crossing the crazy line.

I recently came across a quote from a contemporary artist, Angela A’Court, that resonates with my color quest quite perfectly:

Sometimes when I’m having a colour moment I think to myself, okay what would be the most disgusting colour to add here? Sometimes that ‘disgusting’ can turn out to be ‘surprising’ and ‘completely gorgeous’.

Blue and orange has been my recent favorite as far as color combinations go. I simply couldn’t find a blue piece bold enough to take on the orange pairing until this electric blue dress winked at me from one of the clearance racks. The fact that the dress was on sale, made of 100% silk and from a great designer has all been an added bonus, of course! But what sold me on it was definitely the color.

Life is too short for boring tones. Dare yourself and try on an unexpected color this week, the result may surprise you!

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Checkers on the bridge

The checkered shorts suit was an unexpected surprise. It had an interesting fit but looked a bit too monochrome for my taste. Being an optimist, I decided to give it a try regardless. Turns out that despite its subtlety, it came packed with color: yellow stripes on the pattern and light blue accents on the sleeves – lots to play with! Burgundy accessories offset the busy pattern quite nicely and added another color to the palette.

Have a colorful week everyone and remember that sometimes it’s the subtle and understated things that will surprise you the most!

Photo credit: Yuliya Ryvkina Photography

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Maxi Elegance

Floral maxi dresses are demanding things! They require a proper occasion, just the right kind of accessories and, most of all, they require movement. And guess what happens when you don’t satisfy the requirements – you end up with a granny dress instead of a hot trendy number you were hoping for. So what’s the secret? Take these floral creatures outside, they make rather ostentatious impression, and appear out of place at indoor events. Leave them at home early in the morning or late at night as they will look too dressy before noon or too frivolous at formal gatherings. Late afternoon is really their golden hour, that’s when your dress will shine in its most romantic light.

When picking accessories, don’t try to overpower the pattern by introducing additional colors or complex textures. The dress won’t leave a chance to the competition and will destroy the whole look. Instead, stick to the colors of the dress itself, play off of its natural beauty and try to enhance it. Note how my shoes, bag, sunglasses and even ring all have a complementary color on the dress.

Is a floral maxi wonder a lot of work? Absolutely! Is it worth it? Only you can make the decision; and when all the elements align properly, the result can be rather breathtaking and is guaranteed to turn heads…

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Sea Life in the City

I promise you, I am not into mermaids or other mythical and living sea creatures. Although, I did dress as Ursula the Sea Witch last Halloween, but that’s not the point… The point is that I wasn’t intentionally pulling a “sea” outfit together, it just happened. Maybe it was my inner sea creature calling out or maybe I just need a vacation by the ocean shore – I do like the latter idea much better! In any case, it is hard to deny that these clothes put together make me think of a massive body of water and seaweed floating in the current with scarce sun rays fighting their way through the blue depths…

Thanks to Yuliya Ryvkina Photography for catching and releasing the light.

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Edgy Black and Luscious Purple

Every woman has various sides to her – a sweet girl, elegant lady, rocker chick… Sometimes these traits are hidden, sometimes they come out to play. Sometimes you show your other “selves” to the world and sometimes you are the only one seeing them. Women are mysterious creatures and most of us like to shake things up now and then and surprise people around us. Clothes are a great, maybe the best, way to make you feel comfortable in your own skin or experiment with new things. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to keep it balanced. Any outfit can look stylish as long as you don’t overdo it. Always remember Coco Chanel, who said: “Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportions.

Special thanks to Yuliya Ryvkina Photography for capturing the mood so perfectly!

Have a stylish weekend!

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Floral patterns at work

I noticed that whenever I receive a compliment on an outfit, it is mostly when I’m wearing something unexpected. People, in general, notice things that are outside of their perception of “normality”. The same reason why everyone notices a red dress at a party – it is bright and shakes up your senses.

Same works for unexpected patterns or even clothes worn outside of their intended venue. Now, you have to be extra careful with that because a ballroom gown in the grocery store will definitely draw attention but it’s also guaranteed to get you a lot of weird glances. Playing the “slightly off” game, however, could be super-fun and grant you the right kinds of “whoa”.

Floral patterns are slowly making an entrance into the corporate world. But majority of women still reserve flowery dresses for a more casual weekend wear. The olive dress I found recently successfully breaches this gap, in my opinion. The color is neutral enough without being boring, and it could easily be paired with almost any color jacket. I, obviously, go with the bright choice 🙂

Have a colorful week everyone!
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Double Vision in Green

An idea of writing a double-look post featuring the same article of clothing worn two ways came about approximately the same time we decided to start this blog. But it never quite materialized into anything until Elena and I went shopping and saw green skirt at H&M that both of us fell in love with. The vibrancy of the color and a fun playful style seemed like a winning combination neither one of us could resist.

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