Blanket Scarf On A Snowy Day

If you are looking to purchase one accessory this winter, make it a blanket scarf! It is one of the biggest (literally) accessory trends this season and it’s guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy no matter what you pair it with. In case you are wondering what in the world is a “blanket scarf” – it is a scarf the size of a small blanket (maybe more like a throw).  And if you are unsure about where to find it, I suggest starting with… anywhere. Every store has them in multiple colors these days so you should be able to pick any pattern you like. The one I’m wearing was purchased at Zara (exact color not available online). And these scarves here and here are quite stylish, as well.

Don’t be intimidated by its unusual size! Wearing it is a lot simpler than it seems. A basic google search will reveal a hundred and one way of wearing the garment. This video does a nice job going over some styling ideas if you need  help figuring it out. So go ahead and wrap yourself! 😉

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Subtle accents

We’ve been having an awesome fall this year with weather to rival some of the summer days. Hence, the light outfit and sandals in the middle of November. Though, seeing the downpour outside as I’m writing this, I doubt I will get another chance to flaunt these shoes for another five or six months.

But back to the topic at hand… as much as I enjoy bright colors and crazy combinations, experimenting with subtle pieces could be just as fun sometimes. This dark navy poplin top has been one of my favorites lately. It feels like a classy structured shirt but the poplin style with lower back adds an unexpected touch and breaks up the ordinary silhouette.

Finding accessories to go with a navy top is a breeze since it is such an accepting shade! Personally, I would pick navy over black any day because it has a lot more depth as far as dark neutrals go in my opinion. I’ve worn this top with an array of colors in the past but I thought that pairing it with polished black accent pieces would add elegance and sophistication to the look. And my new furry pom pom is simply oodles of fun to play with – tons of colors to pick from, too!

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Navy With a Touch of Marsala

New trends are quite funny. They are not really new because, let’s admit it, it’s hard to invent something truly unprecedented. For the most part, it’s a repeat of the same color or style with slight modifications. For example, “marsala” has been the proclaimed color of the season this year. The fact that we’ve worn burgundy, maroon or some other shade of dark red every fall is pretty negligible. The fashion industry announced “marsala” to be the new maroon so let’s just pretend to go with that.

So, what do you wear it with? One of my favorite color combinations this fall has been grey, navy and burgundy. I’ve already worn it a lot and plan on continuing with my navy/marsala outfits, which you’ll see plenty of pretty soon.

And before you start wondering whether the 80s are back – no, they are not, but color tights are! In all honesty, I’m a huge fan because it gives me another accessory to play with in a colder weather without having to invest into more expensive pieces. And you can still make it look professional 😉

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Steampunk Halloween

If you are not familiar with the steampunk movement, the all-knowing Wikipedia defines it as a “sub-genre of science fiction and sometimes fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.”

I always admired the complexity of steampunk outfits. The elegance of the Victorian era fashion blended with roughness of industrial elements and steam technology appeals to my love of style-mixing. And the attention to details in these costumes is really something to applaud. So this year I’ve decided to test my skills at putting together a steampunk outfit for Halloween. And few hours of work later, here it is…

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Statement Skirt to Brighten Up Your Monday

Every girl needs a “WOW” skirt. It should offer the flexibility to be dressed up or down depending on your mood while still maintaining its”wow” factor.

I’ve owned multiple skirts that were nice and looked good but nothing that I was in-love with. That changed when I saw this Anthropologie skirt! It has everything that I adore – bold color, unusual texture and flattering style. The skirt’s fabric is quite heavy so it’s perfect for colder weather, too.

I immediately went into crazy color mixing here. But it can just as easily be paired with a black turtleneck and boots for a more elegant and refined look. You can probably even wear it with a cropped navy blazer if you are looking for a more structured outfit. Like any other great piece, the skirt will adjust to your wardrobe and style.

I might do another post with it in the near future so stay tuned 😉

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Yellow Hats and Other Crazy Accessories

Hats. You either love them or hate them. Sometimes you love them on someone else but once you try it on, love turns into hate – definitely happened to me in the past. I always loved the idea of a hat but hated the struggle of finding something that loves me back (isn’t that always the case?) But this season I’ve decided to make an extra effort and find that allusive perfect hat… or if not a perfect one then a fun one for sure.

And now I am happy to present to you – my fun yellow hat!!!  (I do feel like a mad hatter writing about it, but oh well…) I can’t imagine this to be my practical hat that I’d wear on a daily basis but it certainly makes for a fun accessory!

What are your crazy accessories that you’ve purchased in the past? I’d love to hear about those and see if I can incorporate them into an outfit 🙂

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100 Years of a Trench Coat

A coveted trench coat –  most of us either have it or crave it. It has been a staple of style and elegance for many women (and men) around the globe for decades. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as a “double-breasted raincoat with deep pockets, wide belt, and often straps on the shoulders”. But how many of you know that this particular garment made its way into our wardrobes from the actual trenches of World War I?

In 1879 Thomas Burberry invented fabric called “gabardine”, which was light yet waterproof. It was meant to replace the rubberized cotton that’s been used by the British Army for their long Macintosh-type coats that protected soldiers in extreme conditions. Rubberized cotton was heavy and unbreathable and the front line forces were in dire need of something lighter and more versatile, which Burberry and another company, Aquascutum, made possible before World War I. The new coat ended up being the outwear of choice of all British officers and then slowly started gaining popularity among civilians after the war ended.

The trench trend really took off when it became a favorite with Hollywood actors making it a desired coat of many.  Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, later Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and plenty of other actors brought a trench to the silver screens making it a modern classic of many generations, including ours in the 21st century.

So let’s wish the  trench coat many more years of long and prosperous life on major fashion catwalks as well as on the streets among us!

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Weekend fringe

So the fringe…. It’s been everywhere and on everyone this season – from tops and jackets to purses and shoes. Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the trend but when I saw this skirt, I decided to give it a try. After all, I always advocate experimenting with outfits so I figured “why not?”

Now, most of the looks involving fringe end up in a hippie hobo territory. And that’s one style I do not do. Instead, I’ve decided to sway it in the opposite direction by adding a rocker vibe to it, which is a lot closer to my heart.

So what do you think – should the fringe be allowed in my wardrobe or should it die a slow painful death? 🙂

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A little bit of pink, a little bit of fur…

Well, this turned out unexpectedly Parisian…  But regardless of the elaborate location choices, the look is quite simple. I, however, received a bunch of compliments on this outfit despite it’s simplicity. The secret recipe is always the same – bright colors and texture! What turns heads in this case is the brightness of the fuchsia skirt and the faux leather/fur texture of the vest. Everything else in the outfit just supports the “key players”.

One tip to remember:  not everything in your wardrobe needs to be unique, expensive or of outstanding quality. It only takes one or two “hero” pieces to pull the whole outfit together and make it look sophisticated. And that’s exactly how you achieve elegance!

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Rustic Glam

I love mixing colors,  styles and trends – no surprise to those that know me. Same goes for matching or, rather, not matching an outfit to a background. Elena and I are always on the lookout for new cool locations for our photo shoots. So when we discovered this rusted warehouse wall, I immediately thought how cool it would be to “pair” it with a more glamorous, elegant outfit.

Long grey flowy skirt and gold accessories certainly add the “glam” element to the look. And green faux leather cut-out top serves as an edgier link to the rustic environment.

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