And Green and Blue

It’s been a while since I wore green so I figured why not today?¬† Green is the easiest color on the eye, it relaxes you, symbolizes nature….blah…blah…blah….

And what is green without some blue? So I added my blue bag. With some plaid pants and a pair of boots I got a bit of equestrian look. Of course when you are standing on ice I recommend a jacket. But if I did in fact wore one I wouldn’t be able to show you this outfit. Be fearless ūüôā

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Tomboying It In The Winter

I gotta say, I really like how this outfit¬†turned out. But is it winter appropriate? Definitely NOT! I almost froze my checkered bottom off while shooting this! But what’s a few¬†frozen limbs in the eyes of high fashion, right!? ūüėČ

So maybe save this in your bookmarks or Pinterest boards for Spring and try¬†not to wear thin jackets and pretty-looking oxfords in sub-zero temperatures…

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Trench Coat to Keep You Warm

As you know I love classics and my cashmere trench coat is not an exception.  Any halfway decent coat should keep you warm, but staying warm and stylish simultaneously is a little more complicated.

We had a post about trench coats not too long ago and the one¬†I’m wearing is a warmer winter option.¬† A coat like that will always make¬†you look put together while¬†keeping you warm and cozy at the same time. In my opinion, visual appeal, functionality, and comfort are the most important factors when¬†making a¬†buying decision.

Your ideal investment piece should be a camel or black color coat. Camel color looks very elegant and very Burberry girl! It will look exceptionally well and flattering on girls with warmer natural coloring. And it will work with any wardrobe piece. However, ladies with cooler coloring may want to consider either taupe or black color coats that will better benefit their complexion.

A great quality wool or cashmere coat that will last you years is definitely a must have. Cashmere is more expensive but is also lighter and warmer. Feels more luxurious, too. But if a cashmere coat is a bit out of your price range, a good wool coat would do the trick. I suggest you reserve synthetic¬†coats for making¬†trendy fashion statements but don’t look at them as an investment.

When it comes to style, a trench coat is one of my most favorite pieces. And it’s always so¬†flattering! Right now is really the best time of the year to find your timeless coat at a¬†bargain price (I provided some great coats suggestions in “what I’m wearing section.”¬†Happy coat hunting!

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New Year Glam

I realize that it’s already been a week since the New Year and everyone pretty much forgot about the holidays by now. But as I was uploading photos from the camera last night¬†I¬†found a whole bunch of NY shots and figured I’d share them on the blog.

This year we went with a Glam Black & Gold theme and it turned out quite glamorous… ūüėČ

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Bright Start To A New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I hope it’s a great year filled with happiness, amazing¬†discoveries and¬†fulfilled wishes!

I’m starting this year in a¬†favorite manner – by mixing¬†bold¬†colors. I don’t think one needs any New Year resolutions to try new things. Just go with what feels right and what makes you comfortable. But be daring enough and step out of your comfort zone on occasion whether by mixing styles, a few unexpected elements or colors. Otherwise, how else would you discover new passions? And remember that all existing rules had once been created by someone, so don’t be afraid to create a few of your own this year ūüėČ

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Red Rubber Boots

In these snowy and cold¬†winter days, we are all about staying warm, comfortable, and bundled up in the coziest clothes and shoes. Hunter rubber boots are perfect for rainy and snowy days. Once you put them on, you never want to take them off as they are the most comfortable boots. They can also be styled with plenty of cool accessories. The boots socks in the post are probably the simplest ones you can find but there are so many cool ones available. My friend just got me the cutest cable knit ones¬†for the Holidays in white but I also love these and these.¬† These knit knee socks are so adorable! The Vince scarf I’m wearing is sold out but these are still available and the quality is just impeccable! There are so many great sales going on right now that you are sure to find something you love at a great price! Happy shopping!

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Holiday Season But Not The Weather

We’ve been blessed or cursed (depending on whom you ask) with an unseasonably warm weather lately. I love snow in the winter but having a chance to not wear a jacket on occasion certainly has its benefits.

Layering up is always a good idea when faced with unpredictable Midwestern weather. And I do like the complexity of a look a few extra layers create. Talking about look’s intricacy, never underestimate the power of a bright lipstick – it may just be the perfect finishing touch your outfit requires.

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Grey Grey Grey

If you are thinking wearing grey on grey is boring, think again. Variations of the monochromic look have very popular on fashion blogs all season long.¬† Grey being one of my favorite colors keeps finding its way into my wardrobe. It’s so much more flattering and¬†elegant than black. The versatile color looks good with so many colors but looks particularly cool in monochromatic schemes. It’s hard to go wrong with it and it’s very easy to accessorize. Have an awesome “grey” day!

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Blanket Scarf On A Snowy Day

If you are looking to purchase one accessory this winter, make it a blanket scarf! It is¬†one of the¬†biggest (literally) accessory trends this season¬†and it’s guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy no matter what you pair it with. In case you are wondering what in the world is a “blanket scarf” – it is a scarf the size of a small blanket (maybe more like a throw). ¬†And if you are unsure about¬†where to find it, I suggest starting with… anywhere. Every store has them in multiple¬†colors these days so you should be able to pick any pattern you like. The one I’m wearing was purchased at Zara (exact color not available online). And these scarves here and here are quite¬†stylish, as well.

Don’t be intimidated by its unusual size! Wearing it is a lot simpler than it seems. A basic¬†google search will reveal¬†a hundred and one way of¬†wearing the garment. This video does a nice job going over¬†some styling ideas if you need ¬†help figuring it out.¬†So go ahead and wrap yourself! ūüėČ

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Purple Fall

Most people prefer simple, classic, neutral color coats.  Classic outwear makes getting dressed on a chilly day easier.  Being more of a neutral-colors girl myself, I still crave a bit of color on occasion. Wearing a bright statement coat breaks the greyness of a fall day quite nicely. This purple coat below by United Colors of Benetton is one of my old favorites. It comes in 4 different colors and allows you to either stay in your color comfort zone or be adventurous. Stay warm and colorful!

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