Red Spring Coat

Spring is here and we are starting to see more and more sun. And, of course, with my love for neutrals and grays I wanted to brighten things up with a statement red coat. No matter how neutral your daily outfits are, a statement piece like that will surely bring a smile to your face. Red, or any bright shade, immediately gets you noticed in the crowd and adds a lot of personality to your look.

If you are looking for interesting pieces that would help you to stand out and not make a big hole in your budget – ZARA is the way to go!  It’s a very democratic brand that is always on trend. The quality is good, price is affordable, and they add new products on a weekly bases. I personally find ZARA coat and jacket collections exceptional.  One of my favorite lines is “Handmade” but I like “Zara Basics”, as well.  The only downside is that collections sell out quickly not giving you much time to ponder and hesitate.

The coat I’m wearing was purchased about 2 weeks ago and it has sold out almost immediately. However, they have very similar coats in different colors and textures. See below in “What I’m wearing section” for links. I paired the coat with navy blue pants, bag, and shoes to compliment the bright red shade.  White  blouse  was a great neutral element that added freshness to the look.  As always, my outfits are office friendly but I can easily see myself wearing it after office hours.

Shine bright and don’t be afraid of colors!

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How to wear pastels when you like bright colors?

I’ve spent enough time talking about my love for bright colors here. But do pastels have a place in my wardrobe? For sure! I do like soft delicate shades, like any other girl. But whenever I try to wear it, I can’t shake off the need to add some bold or bright elements to spice things up a bit. In this case red handbag and the stripy top create enough of a contrast with the pink vest without stealing she show.

Very rarely can I pull off a pastel-only look, like GalantGirl or Gal Meets Glam ladies, although, I do admire both! But who knows, stranger things have happened than me not wearing bright colors. And with spring in the air, albeit a rather cold one at the moment, I might give pastel palette a serious consideration sometime soon…

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Full Skirt Look

Full skirt is definitely a feminine wardrobe staple. More and more bloggers are inspired by menswear and hip looks but a full skirt is still that one piece of girly wear that we keep seeing over and over again no matter what. Not only it is extremely flattering but it’s often the central piece and a shining star of an outfit while remaining super versatile to style.

If your skirt is bright and colorful, combine it with a minimalistic top. A solid color skirt would go better with stripy or floral pattern . The combinations you build can create a variety of looks: modern, romantic, classic, and striking. And the shoes – short booties, pumps, a pair of flat sandals or loafers, they all go well with a full skirt. Don’t be afraid to play with different variations.

I’m wearing my textured full midi skirt with a neon yellow sweater, black necklace, short booties, and a clutch. It’s been one of my favorite looks this winter and early spring. But as it gets warmer outside I can’t wait to pair it with a bright top and a pair of pumps.

What are you favorite full skirt combinations?

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A Sunny Disposition

I’ve discovered a curious trend with some of my pictures lately. It appears that the more natural obstacles  I encounter during the shoot, the livelier and more interesting the pictures that come out at the end. This set was no different. Freezing wind in my face and the brightest sun in my eyes that left me struggling to hold on to the hat and keep my eyes open for more than a second at a time can, apparently, produce  some great shots.

These are (hopefully) the last snowy pictures for the season, and I’m glad to start my transition to spring with a sunny farewell to winter.

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Total Whiteout

Yesterday started with me looking outside and thinking that a few snowflakes may look pretty in the pictures and that I should try and venture out with a camera for a bit…  One thing led to another, and by the time I left the house my few snowflakes turned into a full-blown blizzard. Not being the one to fight with the force of nature, I decided to embrace it instead.

And who cares that I wear a tulle skirt in the snow, right? 😉 Just combine it with some winter accessories and a chunky sweater (also, maybe pick a warmer day?), and you are good to go!

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The Coldest Day

The day we took these pictures must have been the coldest day of the season. The air was very crisp and sun was shining. It wasn’t the easiest thing to take pictures in the cold but we still decided to go for it. The cardigan sweater I’m wearing is truly one of the warmest sweaters I have in my wardrobe. And what’s better than wearing an icy blue sweater on the chilly day? 🙂 The rest of the outfit is very much a monochrome black.  I promise I’ll make my outfits brighter and lighter as the warmer days come, but for now, darker and richer shades are what I’m craving. Enjoy!

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Grey with Red Accents

I might have mentioned in a few of my posts that grey, all tones of it ;), is my favorite color this season. Heather grey being the most sophisticated and elegant shade. It’s a perfect mix of multiple variations of grey; or grey with another color producing a more muted shade of a color.  It really can be mixed with any other color to create either more subtle or brighter ensembles.  Well, Vince always has the best neutral pieces in its collection, heather grey being one of the core colors every year.

I couldn’t have been happier when I found this grey coat on sale. The wrap style is very modern, timeless and effortless. The hat was also a part of the winter collection and I really like how well it goes with this coat and so many other wardrobe staples.  Bright red sweater is a great pop of color that helps with not blending with the grey-ish landscape. My UGG ankle boots are not only made of the buttery soft leather but also have the softest sheep skin insoles. I couldn’t recommend these boots more.

Stay warm and look beautiful!

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Winter Elegance

This post is a few weeks overdue but I couldn’t skip it because I liked the dress so much! So here it goes… Continue reading

The Puffiest Jacket

February temperatures are not an easy thing for anyone to handle. This time of the year a down puffy jacket becomes a must-have. It’s hard to find the one that combines functionality and style as most of these jackets are pretty shapeless and boring. The easiest way to spice it up a bit is to go with anything but black.

The one I’m wearing is navy blue but there are lots of great options in the stores right now – grey, olive, blue, burgundy, and, of course, light colors like white and beige. Another thing I would recommend looking for when choosing your jacket is quilted silhouette and a belt. It will add some shape even to the puffiest jacket and voila – perfect hourglass body! And of course when getting ready to go outside in the cold, don’t forget a blanket scarf, hat, and gloves. Your choice of accessories is truly limitless. Stay warm!

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Chalet-Chic And Ready For Winter Getaways

A full disclosure first – I have not gone skiing for the past few years and don’t, unfortunately, have it on the plans to do so in the near future. But I know a lot of you have some nice trips to the mountains coming up this season. So I figured why not do a casual chic winter look for those of you lucky enough to visit the slopes.

By all means,  add more layers to keep you warm if the weather is not cooperating.  But remember that colors and textures of your outfit have the right to go anywhere you do. Staying warm doesn’t have to be boring and shapeless! Feel free to spice up your look with colorful accessories and bold color combinations, like blue and purple here. You are also a lot less likely to be hit by a reckless skier while wearing bright colors – certainly an added bonus! 😉

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