Full Skirt Look

Full skirt is definitely a feminine wardrobe staple. More and more bloggers are inspired by menswear and hip looks but a full skirt is still that one piece of girly wear that we keep seeing over and over again no matter what. Not only it is extremely flattering but it’s often the central piece and a shining star of an outfit while remaining super versatile to style.

If your skirt is bright and colorful, combine it with a minimalistic top. A solid color skirt would go better with stripy or floral pattern . The combinations you build can create a variety of looks: modern, romantic, classic, and striking. And the shoes – short booties, pumps, a pair of flat sandals or loafers, they all go well with a full skirt. Don’t be afraid to play with different variations.

I’m wearing my textured full midi skirt with a neon yellow sweater, black necklace, short booties, and a clutch. It’s been one of my favorite looks this winter and early spring. But as it gets warmer outside I can’t wait to pair it with a bright top and a pair of pumps.

What are you favorite full skirt combinations?

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The Coldest Day

The day we took these pictures must have been the coldest day of the season. The air was very crisp and sun was shining. It wasn’t the easiest thing to take pictures in the cold but we still decided to go for it. The cardigan sweater I’m wearing is truly one of the warmest sweaters I have in my wardrobe. And what’s better than wearing an icy blue sweater on the chilly day? 🙂 The rest of the outfit is very much a monochrome black.  I promise I’ll make my outfits brighter and lighter as the warmer days come, but for now, darker and richer shades are what I’m craving. Enjoy!

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Grey with Red Accents

I might have mentioned in a few of my posts that grey, all tones of it ;), is my favorite color this season. Heather grey being the most sophisticated and elegant shade. It’s a perfect mix of multiple variations of grey; or grey with another color producing a more muted shade of a color.  It really can be mixed with any other color to create either more subtle or brighter ensembles.  Well, Vince always has the best neutral pieces in its collection, heather grey being one of the core colors every year.

I couldn’t have been happier when I found this grey coat on sale. The wrap style is very modern, timeless and effortless. The hat was also a part of the winter collection and I really like how well it goes with this coat and so many other wardrobe staples.  Bright red sweater is a great pop of color that helps with not blending with the grey-ish landscape. My UGG ankle boots are not only made of the buttery soft leather but also have the softest sheep skin insoles. I couldn’t recommend these boots more.

Stay warm and look beautiful!

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The Puffiest Jacket

February temperatures are not an easy thing for anyone to handle. This time of the year a down puffy jacket becomes a must-have. It’s hard to find the one that combines functionality and style as most of these jackets are pretty shapeless and boring. The easiest way to spice it up a bit is to go with anything but black.

The one I’m wearing is navy blue but there are lots of great options in the stores right now – grey, olive, blue, burgundy, and, of course, light colors like white and beige. Another thing I would recommend looking for when choosing your jacket is quilted silhouette and a belt. It will add some shape even to the puffiest jacket and voila – perfect hourglass body! And of course when getting ready to go outside in the cold, don’t forget a blanket scarf, hat, and gloves. Your choice of accessories is truly limitless. Stay warm!

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And Green and Blue

It’s been a while since I wore green so I figured why not today?  Green is the easiest color on the eye, it relaxes you, symbolizes nature….blah…blah…blah….

And what is green without some blue? So I added my blue bag. With some plaid pants and a pair of boots I got a bit of equestrian look. Of course when you are standing on ice I recommend a jacket. But if I did in fact wore one I wouldn’t be able to show you this outfit. Be fearless 🙂

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Trench Coat to Keep You Warm

As you know I love classics and my cashmere trench coat is not an exception.  Any halfway decent coat should keep you warm, but staying warm and stylish simultaneously is a little more complicated.

We had a post about trench coats not too long ago and the one I’m wearing is a warmer winter option.  A coat like that will always make you look put together while keeping you warm and cozy at the same time. In my opinion, visual appeal, functionality, and comfort are the most important factors when making a buying decision.

Your ideal investment piece should be a camel or black color coat. Camel color looks very elegant and very Burberry girl! It will look exceptionally well and flattering on girls with warmer natural coloring. And it will work with any wardrobe piece. However, ladies with cooler coloring may want to consider either taupe or black color coats that will better benefit their complexion.

A great quality wool or cashmere coat that will last you years is definitely a must have. Cashmere is more expensive but is also lighter and warmer. Feels more luxurious, too. But if a cashmere coat is a bit out of your price range, a good wool coat would do the trick. I suggest you reserve synthetic coats for making trendy fashion statements but don’t look at them as an investment.

When it comes to style, a trench coat is one of my most favorite pieces. And it’s always so flattering! Right now is really the best time of the year to find your timeless coat at a bargain price (I provided some great coats suggestions in “what I’m wearing section.” Happy coat hunting!

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Red Rubber Boots

In these snowy and cold winter days, we are all about staying warm, comfortable, and bundled up in the coziest clothes and shoes. Hunter rubber boots are perfect for rainy and snowy days. Once you put them on, you never want to take them off as they are the most comfortable boots. They can also be styled with plenty of cool accessories. The boots socks in the post are probably the simplest ones you can find but there are so many cool ones available. My friend just got me the cutest cable knit ones for the Holidays in white but I also love these and these.  These knit knee socks are so adorable! The Vince scarf I’m wearing is sold out but these are still available and the quality is just impeccable! There are so many great sales going on right now that you are sure to find something you love at a great price! Happy shopping!

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Grey Grey Grey

If you are thinking wearing grey on grey is boring, think again. Variations of the monochromic look have very popular on fashion blogs all season long.  Grey being one of my favorite colors keeps finding its way into my wardrobe. It’s so much more flattering and elegant than black. The versatile color looks good with so many colors but looks particularly cool in monochromatic schemes. It’s hard to go wrong with it and it’s very easy to accessorize. Have an awesome “grey” day!

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Purple Fall

Most people prefer simple, classic, neutral color coats.  Classic outwear makes getting dressed on a chilly day easier.  Being more of a neutral-colors girl myself, I still crave a bit of color on occasion. Wearing a bright statement coat breaks the greyness of a fall day quite nicely. This purple coat below by United Colors of Benetton is one of my old favorites. It comes in 4 different colors and allows you to either stay in your color comfort zone or be adventurous. Stay warm and colorful!

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Plaid and Wool

Fall clothing tends to be more muted and lacks color on occasion but it often makes up for it with interesting and surprising textures. Mixing different textures is a great way to add depth to your outfit and create more variety.

I’ve been obsessed with an assortment of plaid patterns this season. The shirt I’m wearing here is by Rails,  a brand that’s an absolute master of quintessential plaid shirts. The softness of the fabric is divine and it is as comfortable as can be.  The mix of relaxed plaid and structured wool of the pencil skirt is a perfect combination of comfort and chic.

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